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Academic UIL District Meet 2022

This year our district meet was held at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.  21 of the 22 students showed up by 4:45 in the morning.  When we got to the University, we prepared for the first events.  At this time, I received information that our 22nd student was traveling to meet us at the meet.  The student got there in time for the first competition.  It was a fun and stressful day.  Students were enjoying the atmosphere of the University as they did some last-minute studying for their event.  When we had a large enough group that had some time or were finished with their events, the coaches would take them to buy a snack at Star Bucks or explore the University.  While it was a long day, it was worth it!  We have 18 students advancing to the Regional competition which will be held at Blinn College in Brenham Texas.  Congratulations to all the students for doing a great job!  The results are as follows:

Advanced to Regionals individually *

Advanced to Regionals as a team +

 CALCULATOR APPLICATIONS  1st Place Calculator Team

  • Maximus Garcia-3rd place  *+
  • Marcus Barco-4th place(Alternate) +
  • Juan Agular-6th place  +
  • Liana Gonzalez-11th place  +


  • Jocelyn Gonzalez-5th place

COMPUTER SCIENCE  Regional Wild Card Team Qualifier 

  • Maximus Garcia-1st place *+
  • Juan Agular-4th place(Alternate) +
  • Jocelyn Gonzalez- 5th place +
  • Brooke Salazar-8th place +


  • Selissa Gonzales-1st place *
  • Victoria Velazquez-3rd place *
  • Matthew Tamez-4th place(Alternate)

 Current Issues   1st Place Current Issues Team

  • Matthew Tamez-1st place *+
  • Marcus Barco-4th place (Alternate) +
  • Elliana Chapa-6th place +
  • Isaac Garza-7th place +

EDITORIAL WRITING 1st Place Journalism Team

  • Jazmine Flores-2nd place *
  • Marcus Barco-3rd place *
  • Mariana Contreras-6th place 


  • Ceinwynn Oerther-2nd place *
  • Selissa Gonzales-3rd place *
  • Victoria Velazquez-4th place (Alternate)


  • Jazmine Flores-1st place *
  • Ceinwynn Oerther-3rd place *
  • Ximena Ventura-4th place (Alternate)

LITERARY CRITICISM 1st Place Literary Criticism Team

  • Elliana Chapa-1st place *+
  • Victoria Velazquez-2nd place *+
  • Selissa Gonzales-3rd place *+
  • Jazmine Flores-4th place (Alternate)+


  • Victoria Velazquez-2nd place *
  • Selissa Gonzales-3rd place *
  • Ceinwynn Oerther-4th (Alternate)

NUMBER SENSE   2nd Place Number Sense Team

  • Brianna Padron-2nd *
  • Jazmine Flores-4th (Alternate)
  • Juan Aguilar-7th place
  • Maximus Garcia-10th place


  • Jasmine Chapa-5th place


  • Victoria Velazquez-3rd place *
  • Kayla Charles-4th place (Alternate) 

SCIENCE  2nd Place Science Team

  • Xiomara Rodriguez-1st place, TOP SCORER BIOLOGY *
  • Brooke Salazar-5th place, TOP SCORER ALTERNATE PHYSICS
  • Ximena Ventura-10th place

SOCIAL STUDIES 1st Place Social Studies Team

  • Matthew Tamez-1st place *+
  • Isaac Garza-5th place +
  • Marcus Barco-7th place +
  • Jason Mendo-8th place +


  • Karla Aguilar-9th place
  • Jasmine Chapa-10th place